Caroline Hurley BSc, MSc, MIEEM

Caroline Hurley MSc, BSc, MIEEM

Caroline is a Full Member of the Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management with a wide range of experience including ecological consultancy work, working with environmental NGOs, county councils, National Parks and Wildlife Service, local community groups and ecological education programmes.

In 2003 Caroline completed a Master’s Degree in Ecosystem Conservation and Landscape Management, focusing on habitat mapping and evaluation. She has been responsible for the habitat identification and assessment for a number of wind farm projects, one-off planning applications and conservation projects.

Part of her survey work often involves the identification of invasive alien species and recommendations for their appropriate treatment/removal. Recent surveys that Caroline has been involved with include the County Kerry Invasive Species Survey 2011 and the Natterjack Toad Monitoring Survey 2011-2012.

She is co-ordinator of the Field Ecology Diploma course in University College Cork.