Faith Wilson BSc, MIEEM, CEnv

Faith Wilson is an experienced ecologist with over ten years experience in carrying out a variety of ecological work, specialising in botanical and zoological surveys (including Cetacean, Bat, Otter, Badger, Amphibian, and Bird Surveys) and Environmental Impact Assessment.

Since graduating in 1995, she gained international project experience including botanical surveys of sub-alpine forests in Canada, monitoring of endangered bird species in New Zealand and the Cook Islands, photo identification and acoustic surveys of killer and humpback whales in Canada and the South Pacific. She has carried out a diverse range of Environmental Impact Assessment work, three national habitat surveys for the National Parks and Wildlife Service, two county wide wetland surveys for local authorities and is a registered participating Ecologist on the Native Woodland Scheme. She is also a NPWS licensed bat specialist and member of the Heritage Council Bat Expert Panel.

Faith has organised and lead two guided excursions to Iceland and the Baja Peninsula, Mexico in search of cetaceans, birds and other wildlife on behalf of the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group.