Our team of experienced ecologists has the necessary expertise to carry out a wide range of surveys of habitats, flora and fauna. This includes detailed assessments of both terrestrial and aquatic freshwater habitats and species on sites of all sizes. We have undertaken surveys on behalf of the National Parks and Wildlife Service, local authorities, local environmental groups, engineering firms, and private developers.

Our work is carried out to the highest standards of scientific accuracy and using best available technology. We produce maps and reports of publication quality and place special emphasis of delivering results on time and within budget.

Following links provide more detailed information on the main services we offer:

  • Ecological Impact Assessment
  • Appropriate Assessment
  • Ecological Monitoring
  • Habitat Survey and Mapping
  • Flora Surveys
  • Bird Surveys
  • Fauna Surveys
  • Invasive Alien Species

Other services that we have provided to clients include:

  • GIS mapping of ecological data
  • Carbon balance calculations of wind farms on peatland sites
  • Habitat management, restoration and creation
    • Bare peat restoration – Geo-jute/Geogute installation / Heather Brash
  • Specialist advice on wetland habitats (bogs & fens)
  • Advice on wetland management, natural history & wise-use
  • Design and implementation of ecological research projects
  • Public awareness campaigns, teaching and educational training
  • Nature photographic service
  • Expert evidence at oral hearings